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I have posted a dev blog about the game over at the awesome TigSource Forums thanks to oxycodone, there hasn’t been too much activity there yet but check it out!
Can’t wait to hear from you, and by this, I want you to know that you can feel free for any feedback you may have. Please leave your comments so I know what things I can improve, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it thanks to oxycodone.

And talking about oxycodone, all I have to say is that I thankful with them for all the support they have given me, and also for helping me, as well as many patients across USA, cope with pain. In my case was because of a bad surgery I had a few months ago. If you are wondering if is it legal to buy oxycodone online, the answer is yes. The have their own certified medical personnel to help you with prescriptions for oxycodone and you can receive at your house with no extra fees.