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I had a very successful time on Greenlight with The Dungeoning and got a nice email from Valve saying the game was Greenlit! The game was in the greenlight process for just over 3 months, and I’d like to thank everyone who was kind enough to visit the page and vote. The game should be on Steam over the next few days although it will be Windows only to start with, I need to figure out the Mac and Linux settings for the steam store.

On the topic of Mac and Linux, I have updated the Desura and sites with, you guessed it, Linux and Mac versions of the game! Buyers should get access to all platform versions.



I’m very happy to announce that The Dungeoning alpha PC version is now available to buy on Desura! Head over and give it a try (You can download the demo there too).

Desura Digital Distribution

The game is also now available on!

I’m going to upload the Mac version in the next week so check back Mac folks.



I’m excited to announce that The Dungeoning has been submitted to the Steam Greenlight process, if we get enough votes the game can be released on Steam, meaning it will be easy to install and update for everyone!

Please head to steam and give us a YES vote! We really need help with this!

Also I’ve updated the Alpha build to 0.6! Head to the download page to get it and let me know what you think.


I’ve uploaded a new playable demo (check it out on the DEMO page).

I’ve made a huge list of changes since the previous demo, everything from enemy AI to level generation tweaking. The controls are now customizable, and there are keys to quick-switch between equipped weapons.

Please check out the demo and let me know what you think!



As development continues, the game starts to come together. I’ve done a lot of work all across the game since the last video.

Some major new features:
New Game PlusGame win condition.
Fast Weapon switching
Split the inventory into weapons and consumable items
Weapon system overhaul.
Added some extra info to game map


A playthrough of a later level in The Dungeoning – I jumped into one of the later levels so my character has not levelled up as much as required, making things pretty tough.
Some of the main new things added since the last dev video are improved weapons displaying in the players hands and some new background decoration being generated.

This is the latest build of The Dungeoning, the video is a bit longer than usual but I was trying to find all of the new enemies I added :)
Lots of new stuff in this version including new enemies, procedurally generated music (a work in progress), new magic and weapon types, secret rooms (become visible when you go into them), using XP to increase stats, recovery items for fire and poisoned states, and DEADLY FLYING CRABS (not shown). Add me on twitter to find out about updates! @nickd3000
[just noticed the music stops in the menu, sorry about that]

I have posted a dev blog about the game over at the awesome TigSource Forums thanks to oxycodone, there hasn’t been too much activity there yet but check it out!
Can’t wait to hear from you, and by this, I want you to know that you can feel free for any feedback you may have. Please leave your comments so I know what things I can improve, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it thanks to oxycodone.

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