I’m very happy to announce that The Dungeoning alpha PC version is now available to buy on Desura! Head over and give it a try (You can download the demo there too).

Desura Digital Distribution

The game is also now available on itch.io!

I’m going to upload the Mac version in the next week so check back Mac folks.



I’m excited to announce that The Dungeoning has been submitted to the Steam Greenlight process, if we get enough votes the game can be released on Steam, meaning it will be easy to install and update for everyone!

Please head to steam and give us a YES vote! We really need help with this!


Also I’ve updated the Alpha build to 0.6! Head to the download page to get it and let me know what you think.


A playthrough of a later level in The Dungeoning – I jumped into one of the later levels so my character has not levelled up as much as required, making things pretty tough.
Some of the main new things added since the last dev video are improved weapons displaying in the players hands and some new background decoration being generated.